Sabtu, 9 Januari 2010


This morning, someone has hit me in my 'inbox'. She's sarcastically sounded me for giving advise on property investment in my blog. How does it sound?

" Dear Mr, I have recently read ur blog on how to succeed in property investment & I found that most of ur tips are a common one. Have u been certified to train and advising people? Maybe u should learn more about it as I think that u r only an 'amateur' in this line. "

So, what do u think?? First of all, I want my reader to know that I juz want to share my personal experience on my 'small' investment . Thats why I penned down my thoughts and tips thru this blog so that people out there will know where & how to start. Yes.. I am not a qualified or a certified property trainer like Robert G. Allen, Dolf De Roos or Renesial Leong but at least with a 'simple' approach from an 'amateur' investor like me, my blog reader will understand better than those with 'professional' approach like them.

p/s : To Mdm X, u may read the attachment here about my story that has been published in 'Personal Money' magazine (October 08 issue).

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  1. erk..
    da kua magazine ke

  2. lor.. pelik tul makcik tu.. org cam sy yg appreciate this blog. moving forward (cam tagline toyota)..