Jumaat, 16 April 2010

To buy or not to buy?

13/4/10 @ 2.38 pm

"Bro, a friend of mine want to sell his apartment at Sect 7 for RM150K. Are you interested bro?" - Aril
"Beb, U tell your friend to give me the details and if possible, I want to view the house tomorrow nite, maybe around 10.30. Don't forget to ask him to bring the S&P, assesment fee's receipt plus the maintenance bill." - abang ensem
"Ok bro. Will keep u inform later." - Aril

13/4/10 @ 9.18 pm via sms from Aril

"Bro, here is the detail : No ++ Lot ++ 2nd flr Block + Sect 7 Commercial Area Shah Alam. Walk up apartment/915sqft. Rented by UiTM students @ RM950 per month. Bout tomorrow, my friend said ok"

14/4/10 @ 12.28 pm via sms from Bank A : Valued @ RM145K-RM150K.
14/4/10 @ 3.18 pm via sms from Bank B : Valued @ RM140K-RM150K.

14/4/10 @ 11.08 : viewing session

Front Door

Living Room + Kitchen

Living Room

My Comment :

Condition : So so..
Price : Reasonable @ Market Value
Surrounding : 5 minutes walking distance from UiTM & 10 minutes from the new hospital, same block with Balai Polis Sect 7, easy to get food 'cos more than 20 restaurants/kopitiam/fast food outlet around that area & no 'fine creature' (makhlus halus) was found inside the house..
Rental : Damn good @ RM950 per month

My Analysis :

Rental Income : RM950 X 12 mths = RM11,400 per annum

Expenses : Monthly Instalment - RM623 X 12 mths = RM7,476(based on RM135K loan @ 4.2% for 34 years), Maintenance Fee - RM40 X 12 mths = RM480, Quit Rent - RM37.90, Assessment Fee - RM200 (estimated), Fire Insurance - RM100 (estimated)
Cashflow Analysis : POSITIVE
RM11,400 minus (RM7,476+RM480+RM39.70+RM200+RM100) = RM3,104.30 per annum.

Upfront Expenses : 10% D/Pyt (RM15K), Legal Fees (RM5,681), Valuation Fee - (RM700) = RM21,381

Return on Investment (ROI) @ Cash on Cash Return :
RM3,104.30/RM21,381 X 100% = 14.52%

The only BAD thing about the house is..."I can't 'wash my eyes' (cuci mata) since the existing tenant is a group of MALE students..huhuhu"

Decision : Yet to decide 'cos I need to reserve some cash for other things.. anyone interested if I turned down the offer? Message me @ bfe291@gmail.com

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  1. quite interesting. memang look good bila compare inflows againts outflows. anyway location is good sebab student area. satu lagi kena fikir risk of renting macam orang tak bayar ke or condition rumah nanti..... apa-apa pun ianya boleh dimitigate dengan maybe suruh bayar downpayment 3 bulan ke.... apa-apa le

  2. macam kenal jer name aril tuuuuuuu....hehehe